Smart Water Assistants: how to reduce your water bill.

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Smart assistants are the type of items that you think you don’t need until you actually need them, whether it’s because you’re looking at how to reduce your water bill or when it’s too late because something is broken. Indeed, most of us simply don’t realize how complicated our home’s plumbing systems are, and how miraculous it is that the combined action of all the devices connected to our plumbing pipes doesn’t lead to catastrophic damages every single day.

Unfortunately, as some of you may have experienced, one incident is enough to make a bit dent in your budget or to destroy the value of your property. There is a simple way to drastically reduce the risk of that happening to you, all the while helping you reduce your water bill, and that is to equip your home with a smart assistant. For this article, we’ve decided to stick to the Phyn Plus, as it’s a product that we can vouch for with absolute certainty after having installed it in numerous properties. We know for a fact that this device helps our customer reduce their water bill and sleep better at night

So What Is a Smart Water Assistant?

“How to reduce my water bill?” We’ve heard that question more times than we can count, and here’s one option available to you: the Phyn Plus is a device used to alert homeowners of dangerous changes of pressure in their pipes, and if you’re one of them, it in turn allows you to reduce your water bill. To put it plainly, appliances connected to your plumbing system (tub, toilets, sink, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) create a change in pressure when they’re used. This change causes in turn pressure waves that travel at high speed through your entire plumbing system, which does nothing to help you reduce your water bill. Furthermore, while completely normal, this process puts your system at risk of leaks or other related issues. Smart assistants like the Phyn Plus aims to significantly reduce that risk (and reduce water bill) by alerting you of any abnormal activity in your plumbing or fixtures and shutting off your plumbing system. They’re small devices that can only be installed by certain plumbers that received extra training to do so, and while you may not see the need to have one now, this small investment can potentially save you thousands down the road.

Okay, But Why the Phyn Plus?

As other assistants of this sort, the Phyn Plus meticulously monitors the pressure in your pipe in order to detect - and eventually mitigate — plumbing-related issues such as leaks. Plus, if you want to know how to reduce your water bill, you should definitely check the Phyn Plus, because it truly is one of its kind. The second it connects to your plumbing system, this smart assistant starts to learn about your fixtures in order to recognize the specific signature of each of them and learn their pattern, allowing you to reduce your water bill, among other things. Its patented pressure sensing system is sensitive and smart enough to detect and differentiate faucet drips from frozen pipe bursts, for example.

Here’s a video to show you how awesome the Phyn Plus really is.

Solving Problems Instantly, and Spotting Them Before They Occur.

The Phyn Plus alerts you of potential leaks or other plumbing issues via a mobile application. On top of giving you a heads-up, this smart device will automatically shut off the main line of your plumbing system in case the situation warrants it (i.e., if you’re facing a major leak). But the Phyn Plus is not only useful in catastrophic plumbing circumstances: it also provides you with a wide range of information regarding the condition of your plumbing system under the form of daily diagnostics called “Plumbing Checks”. Even if you’re not that excited by the inner working of your plumbing, you should still pay a close attention to these notices since their primary purpose is to let you know about potential issues (mainly pressure levels) and to inform you on how to reduce your water bill. If you’re aware of a potential issue and tackle it before it becomes a serious inconvenience, you’ll reduce the extent of the damage and probably the bottom line of the plumber’s bill. It’s thus logical to assert that smart water assistants like the Phyn Plus reduce water bills.

If you are considering installing such a device on your property, we strongly recommend the Phyn Plus for all the aforementioned reasons as well as for its stylish, modern design, its conveniently-placed power cable, its heat resistant body made from military-grade aluminum, and its compatibility with standard pipes. It’s the perfect answer to how to reduce your water bill while protecting your plumbing system and your home for damaging leaks.

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