The Story Behind Becoming Burlington’s Go-To Plumbers

On day one of Galaxy Plumbing’s establishment, our one and only mission has been to become Burlington’s Go-To-Guys and nothing less. We do plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance and that’s the end-result for which our customers hire us for but that was never the only thing that we wanted them to call us for… We wanted them to call us because we were their Go-To-Guys, the people they felt safe and were happy to deal with they had new projects or unfortunate situations.

This initial goal, is the key to our success and also the guarantee people of Burlington get when calling us. You are not just calling your everyday regular plumber, you are calling workers for whom customer service is not just as important as the end-result; it is part of it. This resolve ensures that you receive nothing but the best. Projects are delivered on time, issues are dealt with in a jiffy, all regulations and complexities are acknowledged and your satisfation is our foremost purpose.



They say that a home is sanctuary and a source or happiness, health and good conscience but they also say that a home is a set of four walls that enclose the right people. The importance of your home is something that we well atuned to and this in terms resonates in the quality of our work and service.

Our Burlington plumbers are people to which you can entrust that sacred place you call your home with uttermost peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if we have to come in for a quick repair, for a full-on renovation project, maintenance or a preventative inspection, with our plumbers your home gets all the respect it deserves.



Running a business requires tough spirit, determination, grit, intelligence and careful organization. This is how we operate our business but also how we approach each and every commercial job that we have the opportunity to work on. When working with our plumbers you will benefit of a process that has been tested and proven.

The integrity of your commercial property’s plumbing system is way too important to be left to chance. Don’t settle for just any Burlington plumber, call upon the services of our Go-To-Guys to get all the perks of dealing with a reknowned plumbing company without having to compromise on the intimacy of the business relationship.

Popular Services in Burlington



Water Lines


In-Floor Heating


Sewer Back Ups


Camera Analysis


Water Heaters

Leaky Pipes

Water Valves



Your Trusted Go-To-Guys

Go-To-Guys isn’t something we decided to call ourselves, it was bestowed upon us by our customers. Now, it has become our plumber’s pride, motto and ultimate goal.

✔ 20 Years + Experience

✔ Licensed & Insured Plumbers

✔ Guaranteed Jobs

✔ Upfront Pricing

✔ Emergency Services

✔ Friendly & Perfectionist


Burlington’s Beloved Plumbers for Over 20 Years

Gaining our customers’ trust and cherish is something that we took years to accomplish. Our plumbers put in extra hours, responded to all emergencies, and took challenges that many refused.

We did not spare a ounce of energy to get to where we are today and forge an adament reputation in the market. This reputation is owed to our plumbers enthousiasm and loyalty.

However, without our customers’ own loyalty, trust and endorsement, none of this would have been possible. We are forever grateful for our customer’s trust, and will be for yours as well.

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I got a sudden leak in my bathroom so I gave Galaxy a call based on my friend’s high praise on their professionalism. They arrived earlier than expected! Super nice guys, well prepared and very knowledgeable. Most importantly they got the job done promptly! Definitely will use and recommend Galaxy Plumbing again!
— Jonathan from Burlington


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