Using chemicals to unplug clogged drains can erode pipes and make matters even worse. Whether it be for a sink, shower or toilet, our plumbers have a variety of cutting-edge tools to assess problems and repair them fast.


What causes clogged drains?

Drains typically take a lot of punishment. Over time, hair, dirt, grease, heavy dish soap, and other chemicals can accumulate, reduce water flow and eventually clog the pipes completely. Naturally, problems are even more frequent in commercial bathrooms where it is impossible to keep guests from dropping or flushing items that were never meant to go through drains.

Can a drain be completely broken?

Indeed, sometimes problems can be so severe, that a complete replacement of the drainage system becomes necessary. When this is the case, a variety of options are available, depending on the situation and property type. Some of these include pipe bursting, digging out, replacing and/or relining pipes.

Signs your drains are clogged or broken:

✔ Slow/No Draining

✔ Toilet Constantly Running

✔ Unusual Noises

✔ Water Accumulation Near Plumbing

✔ Foul Smells Emanating From Drains

And what about hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting uses high-pressurized jets to create a powerful flow of water that penetrates deep within your plumbing system to remove significant buildups of scale, grease, household products, and other debris that may have accumulated over the years. For simple clogs, a plumber might turn to a simple auger or rodding tool, but continual clogging can signal critical buildup, which can sometimes only be cleared by hydro jetting.


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After their inspection, they gave me their professional opinion on the cause of the clogged sink/drain, the possible solutions, and what to do for the future. They went straight to work, removed the clog, and even tidied up and wiped away the mess under my kitchen sink :)
— Jessica from Markham

Clogged or broken drain?

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