Faucets come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to enhance the look of any space. Whether we’re talking about a plain garage or commercial unit faucet, or a high-end luxury bathroom faucet, they all have the same purpose and potential issues.


What is causing my leaky faucet?

If your bathroom or kitchen faucet utilizes an up-down motion to turn the water on and a left-right motion to regulate temperature, you’re using a cartridge faucet. Leaking faucets are commonly caused by worn-out cartridges or worn out O-ring seals.

Most common faucet problems:

✔ Low Water Pressure

✔ Spraying Mist

✔ Faucet Handle Leak

✔ Spout Dripping

✔ Unexpected Noises

✔ Stiff Handles

Why hire Galaxy Plumbing’s Go-To-Guys?

Because there are so many faucet models out there, some plumbers will encounter problems when they are faced with new or unique products they are uncommon with. Our plumbers have encountered virtually all types of faucet models out there making us experts in the process. Whether you need a repair, or want to install a new faucet, we’ll get the job done fast and flawlessly.


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Faucet repair or installation?

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