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In-Floor Heating

In-floor heating systems incredibly comfortable and also remarkably convenient and efficient. Whatever the material of the floor under which they are installed, in-floor heating solutions can lower your heating costs, all the while enhancing your comfort.


What are the benefits of in-floor heating?

Naturally, since the heating will be coming directly from the floors, you will no longer have chills when walking around your home. Your guests will love it, your kids will love it, and the value of your property will be increased!

Here are some other benefits:

✔ No Noise V.S. Air Conditioning Humming

✔ Even Heat Distribution V.S. Cold Air Pockets

✔ Steady Temperature V.S. Frequent Irregular AC

✔ Incredible Reliability & Safety

So why choose Galaxy Plumbing?

We put extreme care in tailoring the exact solution for your needs and goals. We use only the best and most reliable in-floor heating systems and all our installations are carried out diligently by our team of perfectionist plumbers.


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We worked with Rob and he did an amazing job, he was very professional and explained things very easily so we knew what was happening. His prices are reasonable for the quality of work he does. If you want plumbing done right, call Galaxy!
— Jay from Toronto

Tired of walking on cold surfaces?

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