Kitec Plumbing Needs To Be Removed

Kitec Plumbing was used in Greater Toronto Area condos built between 1995 and 2007. The following brands were also used:

  • AmbioComfort

  • AQUA

  • KERR Controls

  • IPEX

  • Plomberie Amelioree

  • PlumbBetter

  • WarmRite

  • XPA

The legal background about Kitec plumbing.

Class action lawsuits were filed in Canada and the US and recalls began in 2005. IPEX, the manufacturer, and its insurer deny that the system is defective but agreed to a $125 million settlement. This settlement fund is intended to pay for repairs in homes where the Kitec plumbing systems failed. Claims can be made until the year 2020.

Does your home have Kitec plumbing?

Condo boards have been providing owners with the legal paperwork letting them know they have Kitec plumbing in their homes. However, given the final year Kitec was used it is possible that some condo boards have not yet provided their owners with a notice. If you are unsure if your condo has Kitec plumbing we can certainly provide you with our assistance. As seen in the above images Kitec plumbing normally has the word “kitec” on the pipes. If you are still unsure please contact us for a consultation.

Will my home insurance cover Kitec replacement?

Unfortunately no. Insurance companies have no connection to this type of plumping. That means that homeowners are on the hook for the entire amount of the replacement work needed.

What should I do next?

It is imperative that you replace your Kitec plumbing with updated, safe plumbing. We recommend that you fill out our contact form today. One of our trained staff will contact you to discuss your situation, options and next steps.

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