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Plumbing emergencies are no fun. They can cause damage to your belongings and property, halt your activities and they generate stress. However discomforting and challenging the issue, our Markham plumbers are ready to take your call. Of course, we also love to get involved in situations where you aren’t victim of a problem, but rather are planning something that will bring you pleasure and comfort. In any case, we’re eager to help and promise that when we’re finished you will be happy even if our services were needed because you’d fallen victim to a troublesome situation.

Galaxy Plumbing doesn’t just guarantee that the job will end with you having a smile on your face… We guarantee that you’ll be happy throughout the whole process because of our plumbers patience, attention and knowledge and that your happiness will stick around because so does our work. Don’t get us wrong, we love to assist you but when we’re on a job for a repair or an installation, we do it perfectly the first time around and we make sure that it will last for years.



Are you simply thinking about changing that old vanity? Or maybe you want to install new toilet units in your home to reduce your water use. Perhaps you’re taking on the construction of a new house in Markham, need an entire plumbing system and aren’t sure what type of water heater to use, or if to opt for in-floor heating.

We don’t just do plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance our plumbers advise customers and educate them on the possibilities that can help them save money, increase their well-being or both! We’ll even help you pick that new vanity if you need our help. We will steer you towards the best option for your specific goals.



Emergency? We’ll have it fixed in a single service call. Have a project riddled with compexities? We’ll find the right solution. We have a long history of delivering large-scale projects impeccably that would have caused others pain and headaches for months. You’ll love working with us because you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Our Markham plumbers are used to working on commercial projects; process is streamlined, priorities are clear and that makes for unparalleled quality of work in the industry. Our plumbers are perfectionists, we do not have unsatisfied customers because mediocre work is something that we have never, and will never, accept.

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Sewer Back Ups


Camera Analysis


Water Heaters

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Your Trusted Go-To-Guys

Go-To-Guys isn’t something we decided to call ourselves, it’s a name that was bestowed upon us by our customers. Now, it has become our pride, motto and ultimate goal.

✔ 20 Years + Experience

✔ Licensed & Insured Plumbers

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20 Years of Unrivaled Satisfaction in Markham

We have been hard at work for two decades, accumulating precious knowledge and experience but also leaving behind us a trail of unequivocally thoroughly satisfied customers.

Stating that our customers are unequivocally thoroughly satisfied is pretty serious and we wouldn’t do so lightly. It’s a conclusion that was drawn directly from the hundreds of reviews we received.

We are honoured to have such a great clientele and to receive their acclaim. Our Markham plumbers will keep on doing their best in hopes of forever cultivating this unanimous content!

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Our kitchen sink drain snapped in half so I called Galaxy Plumbing. One of their guys came over and replaced the ABS piping. He loved his work and not only did he fix it but found the reason for the failure. Long story short I felt happy with the service provided which is hard to come by.
— Orest fron Markham


Houston, there’s no more problem. Galaxy’s Markham plumbers are here!

No need to feel like you’re alone in the middle of space trying to do rocket science… Our plumbers will get things worked out for you in a jiffy! Just book an appointment at the time that suits you best using the button below, or give us a call right away at 416-464-1740.