Plumbers with unrivaled skills and satisfaction rates in Mississauga.

Getting consistent five star ratings isn’t something that happened to us by chance, it is the result of the hard work, the transparency, patience and respect in our approach, as well as our absolute dedication to our work and clientele. Our plumbers take their job extremely seriously, all the while keeping an accesible light-hearted approach with clients. To us it is primordial that all our customers to feel cared about and have nothing short of an exceptionnal experience.

Every project we tackle, whatever the type or scale, we put our heart into and back it with our years of experience and knowledge. Customers call us their Go-To-Guys because they love of our work and they love to work with us as well. When calling Galaxy, you are choosing plumbers that have proved their worth in thousands of jobs and that continue to go above and beyond to offer the best service and quality of workmanship available on the market.



Your home deserves the nurture of the best plumbers in Mississauga, experts that value your property as much as you do, and that’s what we’re all about at Galaxy. If you are thinking of buying a home, want to make changes in your current property or are stuck with a plumbing problem, our plumbers are there to help.

With loads of experience with hundreds of homes directly in Mississauga, our plumbers know what to look for to fix problems quickly. Not only do we use the best tools to get the job done, and take time and care to do so, we also know the local regulations by heart, so you can be sure that the solutions we provide are exactly what you need.



Some people think that because it runs on water, it’s all the same. However, when it comes to commercial projects, lots of technicalities have to be taken into consideration. Often times, backup systems, specific paperwork and inspections are needed. When dealing with commercial properties, you need experts.

Our Mississauga plumbers have been dealing with commercial properties for years and know just what to consider when initiating a new project or being called in for an emergency. Our plumbers know how important a functional plumbing system is to a business and how devastating a lack thereof can be, you can count on them!

Popular Services in Mississauga



Water Lines


In-Floor Heating


Sewer Back Ups


Camera Analysis


Water Heaters

Leaky Pipes

Water Valves



Your Trusted Go-To-Guys

Go-To-Guys isn’t something we decided to call ourselves, it’s a name that was bestowed upon us by our customers. Now, it has become our pride, motto and ultimate goal.

✔ 20 Years + Experience

✔ Licensed & Insured Plumbers

✔ Guaranteed Jobs

✔ Upfront Pricing

✔ Emergency Services

✔ Friendly & Perfectionist


Dependable Mississauga Plumbers

Galaxy was founded because we thought that most plumbers in Missassauga lacked passion for their work and dedication to their client’s happiness.

This business was started with the faith that giving plumbers an awesome working environment, one void of the too common negative ridden workplaces, would serve Mississauga clients.

Well, our faith was shown to be have been well invested as customers have been pouring in with problems and projects, and walking out calling us their official, one and only, Go-To-Guys.

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I was in a frustrating situation when i came home to find my laundry sinks half full with sewage! I asked Google and found Galaxy Plumbing, i read all the review’s and all were positive. I called and Rob answered. I was lucky to find a professional clean and friendly person on my door in no time. I can highly recommend and will definitely use them again. Great Service, Thank you Galaxy!
— Henry from Mississauga


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Not only are our plumbers skilled, their honest and dependable! Whatever the job, we promise you’ll be calling us your Go-To-Guys in no time. Reach us by phone at 416-464-1740, or book an appointment using the button below. We look forwarding to meeting you!


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