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Sewer Backups

Among plumbing emergencies few are as stressful for homeowners as sewer backups. When you’re hit with an unexpected sewer backup, you’ll know it thanks to the putrid smell. Thankfully, with the right tools and know-how they can be dealt with quickly.


What causes sewer backups?

Sewer backups mostly begin with a clogged drain. Of course, that clog can be caused by a number of things including the gradual build-up of fats, oils and grease, soil and the presence of other items that should definitely not be there. Other common culprits are tree roots that have pierced through pipes, or made their way through small cracks. Any number of these things can be enough to cause a sewer back up, and when combined with heavy rainfall can become a recipe for disaster. In those instances, excess water from the city’s sewer lines can find its way into your home’s pipes and potentially flood your basement. If you’re experiencing a sewer backup, you’ll notice a terrible smell emitting from your drains. When that happens, it’s time to turn to professional plumbers who can repair the issue swiftly and efficiently.

Why hire experts for sewer backups:

✔ Quick Identification of Source

✔ Contamination Safety

✔ Less Property Damage Potential

✔ Avoid Further Plumbing Damage

✔ Prevent Future Backups

So, why call Galaxy Plumbing?

Not only are we equipped and experienced to fix the most severe situations, we also understand how stressful dealing with a sewer backup can be. As part of our commitment to being your Go-To-Guys, we’re available for sewer backup emergencies 24/7 and we’ll make it our top priority to arrive on site and fix your problem.


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Rob and his crew did a great job! I can always trust Galaxy Plumbing to be fair and prompt with me! Repeat customer!
— Michael from Mississauga

Dealing with a sewer backup?

We’re on the clock 24/7! Give us a call now at 416-464-1740 or request a quote at the click of a button. We’ll treat your situation with utmost priority!