Showers today aren’t solely for rinsing. Interest in home design and well-being increased, and with it demand for high-end, unique and custom showers. Showers are now used to make a statement in a bathroom’s design and to enhance comfort and quality of life.


Custom Shower Options

The market offers a wide selection of unique shower heads, steam, and waterjet options to help you transform your bathroom into the relaxing oasis of your dreams.

Why hire experts?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with a state-of-the-art shower or are in need of a simple repair, shower systems come with their share of complexity and can be overwhelming for plumbers without specific experience in the matter.

Installations, repairs, improvements, maintenance: we do it all!

✔ Steam Showers

✔ Showerheads

✔ Leaky Pipes & Faucets

✔ Clogged Drains

✔ Shower & Bath Retrofitting

✔ Water Pipe Relocation

✔ Walk-In Bathtubs

✔ Water Pressure Improvement

So, why choose Galaxy Plumbing for your shower?

Bluntly put, we are the best at it! Custom showers projects are one of the things that we do most, and also one of the things that we enjoy the most doing. We’ve developed a unique expertise in the matter and love tackling-on unique projects. To us, having the opportunity to contribute in the creation of a space that is so important for our customers is a true honour and we give it our all to exceed expectations every time.


Our Services




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Sewer Backups

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Leaky Pipes

In-Floor Heating

Camera Analysis

Water Valves

Galaxy Plumbing came in to take a look at a leak from my shower head and a few other plumbing issues. They arrived on time and were super friendly. They dealt with everything very professionally and got the job done perfectly. I would recommend these guys 100% to anyone that needs any plumbing work.
— Ali from Hamilton

Custom project, or urgent repair?

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