Toilets have a straightforward purpose: flush! However, the types of problems they can bare are nearly as diverse as the options available when purchasing a new model. No wonder dealing with a toilet repair or the selection of new unit can get overwhelming for many.


Eco-Friendly Toilets

Looking to save money on your monthly water bill, or to make your business greener? Choosing eco-friendly toilets is a great way to do both! Today, there exists a huge variety of ecological toilet models, some using almost no water at all. The major types of eco-friendly toilets include, low-flow, dual-flush, hybrid sink lid and composting or waterless toilets.


Low-flow toilets are a new standard, they use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush without compromising on thrust, in comparison to older toilets that could use up to six gallons per flush.


Using the same low-flow concept, “dual-flush” toilets integrate a button or lever that enables users to choose between two flush options depending on the flushing needs. The option for solid waste uses the same 1.6 gallons per flush, while the liquid waste only option uses half or less.

Hybrid Sink Lid

These toilet types are quite ingenious as they allow for an even greater economy of water. The connection of a sink to the toilet allows for the bowl to be refilled with water that would have otherwise gone down the sink drain. Some models also convert the lid of the toilet into an actual sink allowing for both water and space economy in sometimes otherwise crammed bathrooms.

Composting or Waterless

When we think of waterless toilets, we think of a shack in the woods. However, with the rise of eco-consciousness, composting and waterless toilet alternatives are becoming more and more popular in urban settings. Nonetheless, their installation still remains a challenge as local regulations may forbid their use.

Commonly fixed toilet issues:

✔ Weak & Partial Flushing

✔ Low Bowl Water Levels

✔ Double Flushing

✔ Slow Tank Fill

✔ Dripping Tank

✔ Unusual Noises

✔ Clogs


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