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Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are essential for a constant hot water. Without them, using your shower, washer and doing dishes are nearly impossible. Two main types rule; traditional hot water tanks and the more recent tankless water heaters.


How do water heaters function?

Although both traditional hot water tanks and tankless water heaters essentially work by heating an element with electricity, gas or propane, they also do have significant differences. The most obvious difference is in their size, and directly reflects their distinct heating method. Traditional water tanks are much bigger as they store many gallons of water that they keep warm for future us, whereas tankless water heaters basically store none and just warm up water on-demand.

Do you need a heater replacement?

While most residential water heaters last from 10 to 15 years, you can greatly extend their life with routine maintenance. That being said, some factors can also shorten their lifespan so its important to be aware of signs that indicate that you are due for a replacement.

Common signs of a faulty water heater:

✔ Water Takes Long to Heat

✔ Water Less Hot Than Previously

✔ Tank Leaking

✔ Leaky Pressure Relief Valve

✔ Cloudy/Murky Water

✔ Unusual Water Smell & Taste

✔ Noisy Water Heater

Why work with Galaxy Plumbing?

Regardless of the water heater type your property is using, our plumbers are up for the job. With access to a wide range of high-quality parts, tools, and materials, we’re equipped to install, repair and maintain all makes and models of water heaters.


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— Anneliese from Brampton

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