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Water Lines

As the name implies, water lines are responsible for supplying your property’s water. They carry it from a reservoir or storage to your home, and then deliver it to your different appliances using mechanical force.


What causes water line problems?

Sometimes water lines can be damaged while working on your property’s land, while doing landscaping for instance. However, most issues are caused by natural forces like invasive tree roots, earthquakes or subtle ground shifting and cold temperatures. Of course, damages can also be caused by natural wear and tear, excessive water pressure or simple build-ups.

Most common water line materials:

✔ Copper


✔ Polythene

✔ Plastic

✔ Galvanized Steel

Why choose our team for your water lines?

We treat every project with the same attention to detail. Every problem is different and requires proper assessment, which we take all the care in carrying out. After identifying the problem swiftly and precisely, we can suggest the best solutions according to your unique situation and budget. Our interventions are always extremely respectful of your property and can be accomplished with little to no impact on your lawn.


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Absolutely fantastic on every level. Great work, reasonable prices, friendly and wonderful to work with. Galaxy is my new go-to plumbing company from now on. Thanks!
— Carl from Vaughan

Need help with your water lines?

Are you experiencing obvious water pressure reduction or witnessing irregular water coloration. We can help! Call us now at 416-464-1740 to schedule a service appointment or request a quote at the click of a button.